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장구형 웜 (Enveloping Worm Gear)

장구형 웜

• Application
Worm drive unit for Electronic Power Steering Module
• Producer

The worm unit in EPS module that distinguishes SH KITS product from the existing one is worm envelopes (wraps) around and mates with the conventional involute gear. Furthermore, the worm teeth with concave flank profile meshing with the conjugate convex wheel profile ensures significantly more favorable contact condition, in power transmitting aspect, than conventional worm unit with the comparable size. These result more teeth in contact and larger contact area than the conventional worm unit.

    • This geometrical structure leads to many advantages:

  • - higher torque carrying capacity
  • - higher impact resistance
  • - higher torsional rigidity
  • - higher mesh stiffness
  • - low backlash
  • - low noise and vibration
  • - increase durability and longer service life
  • 장구형 웜Torque Rating IGENTM vs. CYL. Worm
  • 장구형 웜
  • 장구형 웜Efficiency Characteristic
  • 장구형 웜